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Why the Hive?

At The Hive Beauty Boutique, we believe beauty isn't just skin-deep; it's a vibrant ecosystem where nature's wisdom whispers its secrets to the soul. Just as bees, those architects of nature's sweetest treasures, find strength in their collective hum, so too do women blossom when empowered and connected.

Our spa is your hive, a haven where you can shed the daily burdens and rediscover the quiet hum of your inner radiance. Like the honeycomb, our services are intricate and nourishing, crafted with the same dedication bees pour into their golden nectar. Each facial, massage, and brow sculpt is a delicate dance, a collaboration between nature's finest ingredients and the skilled hands of our estheticians.

But the beauty goes beyond the physical. Just as bees pollinate, spreading life and color, we believe in nurturing the spirit of connection. In our hive, women gather, not just for pampering, but for sisterhood, sharing stories and laughter like honeyed pollen on the wind.

So, come, dear visitor. Step into The Hive Beauty Boutique and let us guide you on a journey of rediscovery. Here, amongst the buzzing whispers of beauty, you'll find not just a polished exterior, but a renewed sense of self, empowered, connected, and ready to bloom.

Remember, just as the queen bee, Jennifer, guides her hive, so too can you become the architect of your inner kingdom. Let The Hive be your sanctuary, where beauty blossoms from within, and the sweetest nectar of self-love awaits.

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About Jennifer, Our Founder


I became a Master Esthetician/Laser Specialist/Electrologist because I wanted to help people appear on the outside like they fell on the inside. At age 53, I have worn many hats during my lifetime. Before finding my way to the esthetics world, I graduated college, was married 25 years and raised three children in Bellevue. I have worked both ends of the esthetics world, the spa end and the medical end. I have done hundreds of facial massages and been the Lead Laser Technician performing rosacea and dry eye protocols for an ophthalmologist.   I have had bosses 2/3rd my age and have worked independently. I pride myself on being very adaptable and always willing to learn. Most of all, I feel happiest working as part of a team and like to surround myself with positive, no-nonsense, problem solving adults.

My philosophy:
If one is blessed to live to middle age and beyond, then one begins to understand that “beauty” is really the outward evidence of health, which is something we are simply given for free as a youth. In other words, it is never easier to be outwardly beautiful than when we are young. The challenge, however, comes once our hormones naturally start to dwindle. Although we cannot do anything about the minutes ticking away, we can do things to decrease the angle of the slope of deterioration. That is the good news. The bad news is that we have to put forth effort every day the same way like brush our teeth or exercise.  I can help guide you.

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