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About Noir, Our Tattoo Artist

I have gone through a long journey to become the tiny tattoo artist I am today. I was born and raised in Vietnam, where there are still many prejudices against tattoos. I graduated from university with a degree in banking and finance as my family wanted and quickly realized that was not my dream. I love art, design, and visual aesthetics, I was also a children's art teacher for 4 years. With an open mind, I started my career by studying fine arts and digital design at Pierce College, Washington while also learning about thin-line tattoo techniques. It's wonderful to see my work saved on the skin of my clients. My tattoo style is tiny and fine line tattoo, which is made up of soft, small lines. I can describe this style with adjectives like delicate, simple, minimalist, and feminine. It can be meaningful to
you, or it can be what you want it to be. It is like permanent jewelry and is also easy to cover up if necessary.



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